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Jan Day - Animal and Pet Reiki Healer

Jan Day - Animal Reiki HealerI first heard of Reiki in a Cancer Care Centre 13 years ago; and sceptically had a session between my surgery and my radiotherapy. I was so amazed by the effect it had on me; the negativity dissipated from inside me and I felt an inner contentment. I felt peaceful and yet invigorated. How could something so 'nothing' have such an outcome? It inspired me so much, that the week after my final radiotherapy session, I began my attunement to be able to practice Reiki myself.

Jan Day - Animal Reiki HealerI have been practising on people since then, 'unblocking energy channels' to enable their own natural resources to cope with illness or injury in the most successful manner.

I now want to turn my attention to those who cannot tell you just what is wrong, where hurts, why they are feeling down... Your four legged friends. They seem to have a special sense of knowing when you are below par, and they seem to know just what to do to help - I want to be able to give them something back, a little boost when it's needed.

**Reiki is not an alternative to medication or surgery, but can be used alongside to maximise the results**